Cowboys Coffee/Garlic Infused Fishing Lures

Cowboy Up with COFFEE infused fishing lures!  Wake Up those Bass & Walleyes with our Cowboys Coffee Chew, Coffee & Garlic Infused caffeinated Fishing Baits. Wide Head with a popular paddle tail for great smell & Action.  Invented by Liquid WillowCat made exclusively ONLY for Cowboy Coffee Chew, we are selling these variety 3 Packs sets for $3.99 includes FREE USA shipping. Each Garlic & Coffee infused 3 pack contains one UV enhanced Black lure, one UV enhanced Brown lure and one Coffee speckled lure. For other color patterns or custom orders PLEASE contact Eric at and tell him We sent you for a great BULK discount.


Cowboys Coffee/Garlic Infused Fishing Lures
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Price $3.99